Virtual Reality Exposure Suites to be Unveiled at APA Convention

Virtually Better
is proud to announce the first comprehensive release of “immersive environment suites” for Virtual Reality Exposure. The new Exposure Suites are scheduled to be available in August of this year and will be unveiled at the 2012 APA Convention in Orlando, Florida. The Exposure Suites will be hosted on the VRExp-I system, which has been completely redesigned to provide a reliable, relocatable and supportable immersive experience. Over the past fifteen years, Virtually Better has built environments to support NIH, CDC and DoD-sponsored research into Virtual Reality Exposure for assessment and treatment of a wide range of anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, substance abuse and other conditions. The by-products of these efforts have been provided to researchers and a limited number of healthcare institutions. The new hardware system and software release pulls all of the most widely used environments into state-of-the-art VR software platforms, and a commercially supported computer system.