Alcohol and Tobacco

Application for clinicians specializing in treating addictions.

– Patients wishing to take control of their alcohol or nicotine use will be assisted by their therapist to develop adaptive coping skills while exposed to relevant virtual cues.

– A number of virtual environments (e.g., bar, restaurant, convenience store, liquor store, party, home) where temptations to engage in substance use are manipulated by presence of either nicotine and/or alcohol-related items.

– Patients’ specific brand of cigarettes and/or alcoholic beverage of preference may be placed by the therapist throughout these environments.

– Virtual bartender and virtual server offer opportunities for the patient to engage in interactions and practice strengthening of abstinence/moderation skills.

– Scent machine can be used to deliver situation-relevant scents.

Target: Adults (18 y.o. and older)
Compatibility: delivered via specialized virtual reality system
Stage: commercial

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