OCD Conference and Treatment

Are you suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?  Is it difficult for others to understand how hard it is to deal with your recurrent, unwanted thoughts and repetitive behaviors?  Do you feel that there is no relief?  Consider attending the 20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta, July 19-21 (http://www.ocd2013.org), sponsored by the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF).  This unique conference offers opportunities to learn more about OCD, as well as meet others coping with this disorder.  Expert clinicians and researchers will present the latest study results and information about the effective treatment of OCD.  You may attend nightly support groups and social activities suited for adults, parents and children, and teens with OCD, as well as family members of individuals suffering from OCD.

At the Clinic at Virtually Better, we offer expert treatment of OCD as well.  Several of our psychologists have received specialized training through IOCDF in the treatment of OCD using exposure and response prevention techniques. OCD is very responsive to appropriate treatment, and our clinical psychologists are experienced in tailoring treatment plans to specific needs. Please take advantage of the opportunity to attend the IOCDF conference here in Atlanta to learn more about this disorder.  Feel free to contact our clinic to plan treatment with an OCD specialist as well.