ADHD: Not just a school problem.

Difficulties with focus, overactivity, impulsive behaviors, and increased emotional reactivity are common symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivty Disorder (ADHD).  These and other ADHD symptoms can wreak havoc in school.  However, school grades and behaviors are not the only areas impacted, and they are often not even the most negatively effected.  Children with this disorder are also more likely to suffer from speech difficulties, social problems, anxiety and depression than those without ADHD.  They report experiencing more stress and having lower self-esteem, and they are at increased risk for serious legal, occupational, relationship and health issues over time.  If your child or adolescent is struggling with ADHD, please attend to its potentially broad and serious impact.  Consider contacting our clinic where we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD and related difficulties.   – Dr. Joseph Pate, Ph.D.